who are we?


Hi there!!


We are Aida Olivera and Israel Duró, art director and photographer, founders of Malquerida Studio.

We met in Madrid and in 2017 we launched a new project together, moving our photography studio to Barcelona. A year later we created the space of our dreams, Imasd Loft, not only to work on our audiovisual productions, but also to offer a space for other creatives and brands for their own productions. This gave us the opportunity to work with clients like Vogue, Adobe, Volkswagen, Marvel and many more.

Malquerida Studio was born as a desire to continue in this line of content creation for new brands, start-ups, and all those who are looking for a visual identity for their personal project. On the other hand, we continue immersed in the rising stock photography&video, without forgetting social and events photography.

We love our new project and we are looking forward to work with you!! See you soon ;)